Back to School with Mr. Transmission


Summer break is almost over and many students are preparing for the upcoming semester. Don’t forget to prepare your vehicle for that journey ahead! It’s important to monitor your vehicle’s transmission fluids, shifting smoothness, and overall performance, so stop by Mr. Transmission of Madison/Nashville.

We also wanted to give you a quick, inexpensive do-it-yourself trick that students can do on a regular basis to inspect the tire tread: Find a penny and go to your vehicle’s tire. Hold the penny at the bottom, at Abe Lincoln’s shoulders, and insert the coin into the tire’s tread so that his head is pointing into the tire towards the center of the wheel. If Abe’s head is fully visible, it is an indication the tires are worn and should be replaced; if the top of Abe’s head is covered up by the tire tread, there are still some miles left on the tires.

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