New vs. Used Cars

11059392_1645423815746590_7471248935472019914_nThere are a lot of new vehicles on the road, but the average age of cars on U.S. roads is a record-breaking number of 11.5 years old. How is this possible if Americans are buying newer cars at a rate unseen since the Great Recession?

First answer: They’re not getting rid of the older vehicles when they buy a new one. How many people keep their older cars in the garage or driveway? Spare parts, anyone?

Second answer: When someone is buying a new car, they’re selling their old one and it makes its way into the used-car market, where another person eventually buys it.

Since vehicles are lasting longer than ever, due to automakers overcoming quality issues, they’re staying on the road longer and are readily maintained by auto and transmission repair shops, such as your very own local Mr. Transmission.

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